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Stoner Movie Apparel: Top Stoner Movies That Affected The Shopping Apparel

Stoner Movie Apparel: Top Stoner Movies That Affected The Shopping Apparel

It is known that drugs and films go together like Cheech and Chong, and this relationship leads up to stoner movie apparel. Even the experts say that films about weed come with several notable exceptions. You can not pinpoint exactly what it is, but the storyline connection leads you to fantastic comedy and strong messages. These movies are typically based on the always high-people who love their life differently. You can not tell whether it is a stoner by watching the cover because they are entirely poached with comedy and fun. Now, talk about their influence on the youth. Actually, not the young people but every other cool smoker in this world loves to wear fashionable clothes that opt from the stoner movies. When I was young, I always wanted to light cigarettes like Brad Pitt in Fight Club; the reason behind this is the hype of that film.     

Best stoner movies that affected the shopping apparel industry!

O brother, where art thou?

We talked about a depression-era Mississippi and a supremely daft caper; it was the first time when George Clooney collaborated with convict Everett. At the beginning of the movie, an older man tells them about a treasure, and in the whole film, they keep searching for that thing. The soggy bottom boys influenced the youth and led us all to copy them.


Only the people from 1975 know how much that three-piece suit style influenced people worldwide. If your evening is tedious and irritating, you should waste no time playing that movie and make that night the funniest night ever. The dialogue "looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue! Don't call me Shirley! Have you ever been to Turkish prison!" was so popular at that time.

Mean girls

Stoner movie art is not only about males; it is about females too. Teen girls from the '90s know what hype of Tina fey's unwittingly brilliant high school clique comedy. Every girl back then wanted to dress like her. A girl who tries to fit in with the monstrous rich girls will make you go wow. This story where a girl fights with the other girl and later emerged as their friend influenced many people and led them to copy their stoner movie t-shirts and styles.

Meet joe black 

I don't think there is a single woman in the world who doesn't love Brad Pitt, even a few males too. Meet Joe Black is a traffic film and a fantastic love story. Claire Forlani, the beautiful actress, and lead actor Brad Pitt fall in love with each other. Later in the movie, you will find out Brad is not a hot young man but a hot young death. That blonde hairstyle made everyone blown away, and even the girls got influenced by Claire Farlooni.


The expert's choice of utterly brainless retro explode-a-ton, the story is all about a retired US Army colonel whose daughter is kidnapped by the evil South Americans. Later they try to blackmail John Matrix(US Army colonel) to hit the US president. The movie is filled with old-fashioned guns, fights, and action. The muscle and size of Arnold Schwarzenegger made everyone go wow.


As I was talking about above, drugs and films go together like Cheech and Chong, and this relationship leads up to stoner movie apparel. Movies like o brother where art thou, airplane, mean girls, and commando have influenced people in many ways, especially clothing. Here at Papi Secret Stash, we offer fashionable t-shirts and stoner movie clothes. 

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