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Stay Up to Date with the Latest Cannabis Trends at Papi's Secret Stash

At Papi’s Secret Stash, we’re all about that urban culture and keeping it real. Our blog covers all the latest trends related to the cannabis lifestyle, including music, movies, and our favorite celebs sporting Papi’s gear. We’re talking everything from old-school classics to the latest hits.

Check our blogs so you’ll be in the know on all things Papi’s.

Get the latest news on fresh products, art, and deals. Our team is all about the urban NYC vibe, and we’re passionate about the cannabis culture. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and insights in the industry, and we’re always on the lookout for the dopest products to add to our collection. Check our blogs so you’ll be in the know on all things Papi’s.

Blogs coming soon!

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Can’t make it to our storefront in Peekskill, NY? No problem! Our online shop has everything you need to elevate your smoking experience. We offer an extensive selection of smoking accessories and novelty items, including stash boxes, stash jars, stash tins, t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts with Papi’s prints/art on them, papers, rolling trays, and grinders.

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